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High Frequency Coax Contacts (MHC)

Float Mount Design

High Frequency Coax Contacts offer exceptional RF performance up to 26.5 GHz for Size 8 and 40 GHz for Size 12 contacts in multi-pin connector applications. Engineered with a “float mount” design, these contacts ensure low VSWR at microwave frequencies by preventing air gaps at the mating interface. These contacts are designed to be terminated to .086 diameter flexible cables (RG-405 equivalent).

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Features & Benefits

  • Spring loaded for optimum contact mating force
  • High frequency performance 
  • Low VSWR
    • Size 8: 1.15:1 Typ Mated Pair (DC to 26.5 GHz)
    • Size 12: 1.25:1 Typ Mated Pair (DC to 26.5 GHz)\
    • 1.5:1 Typ Mated Pair (26.5 - 40 GHz)
  • Insertion Loss:
    • 0.15 dB to 26.5 GHz Typ (Size 8)
    • 0.2 dB to 40 GHz Typ (Size 12)

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