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Rugged D-Sub with Twinax/Quadrax and Split Pair Quadrax

100 ohm quadrax and/or differential pair twinax

Smiths Interconnect’s split pair quadrax is the next generation contact that provides robust high-speed performance compatible with existing qualified rugged D-Sub connectors.

This solution isolates the individual pairs within the quadrax format in existing, space qualified, interconnect systems. The resulting isolated pair contact fits with our existing housings and supports high density data rates exceeding 10 Gbps.

Features & Benefits

High impedance D-Sub connectors are designed to ground the outer shield of a twinax or quadrax contact directly to the shell of the connector. A multi-finger ground spring fixed around the shell provides a multi-point contact engagement that affords superior EMI shielding. The end result is an extremely low contact resistance when measured from the contact outer body to the connector flange, ensuring minimal RF noise and high durability of over 500 mating cycles. Our D-Sub meets and surpasses all requirements of MIL-STD-202 for shock and vibration, and is offered with 100 ohm quadrax and/or differential pair twinax contacts. To ensure that the correct high speed connectors are mated to address specific wiring requirements and keying combinations, a keyed jack post was incorporated into the design. The six-positioned keyed jack post allows for 36 possible keying combinations assuring that the correct high speed rugged D-sub plug is mated to the correct high speed receptacle.

  • Low RF noise and high durability over 500 mating cycles
  • Offered with 100 ohm quadrax and/or differential pair twinax contacts
  • Higher bandwidth with split pair quadrax contacts, support up to 10 Gbps
  • Meet MIL-STD-202 requirements for shock and vibration
  • Optimized impedance matching for signal integrity
  • Size 10 contacts are 30% smaller package size for tight space constraints 
  • Cable assembly options available

The Rugged D-Sub line is part of the SpaceNXT™ Series, an overarching initiative that entails the creation of higher reliability products for next generation space applications that are readily available to the market.

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