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Custom Spring Probe Interposers

Spring probe techology in custom connectors

Smiths Interconnect's spring probes featuring IDI contact technology are specifically designed for your application.

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Commercial Aerospace


  • Communications
  • Radar
Defense Overview


  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Surgical Robots
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Surgical Equipment
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Hybrid Operating Room
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Endoscopy
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Infusion Pumps
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Patient Monitoring
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Dental Tools - Chairs
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Portable & Wearable Devices
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Home Health Monitors
  • Surgical & Monitoring Systems: Automated External Devices
  • Imaging Systems: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Imaging Systems: CT Scanning Systems
  • Imaging Systems: Digital X-ray
  • Imaging Systems: Ultrasound
  • Imaging Systems: Position Emission Tomography
  • Disposables: Electrophysiology Catheters
  • Disposables: Invasive Probes
  • Disposables: Painless Needle Systems
  • Disposables: Blood Gas Analyzers
Medical Overview


  • Satellites GEO and MEO
  • Launchers
Space Overview

Test & Measurement

Features & Benefits

Spring probe techology featuring IDI technology utilized in custom connector designs. Mixed signals and functionality can be designed into a single connector.

  • High insertion life
  • Suited for blind mate connections
  • Low profile, high compliance ratio
  • Ideal for high shock and vibration environments

Spring Probes facilitate Wireless Endoscopy

An innovative company was designing an ingestible camera, in the shape of a pill, that when swallowed, takes images of the patient’s digestive track as it moves through their body. These images are then wirelessly transmitted out to the doctor for diagnosis. This method is easier for most patients than going through a typical endoscopy procedure. However, though the pill must be small enough to be swallowable, it must include the camera, light, batteries, and transmission circuitry, so there is essentially no room for the connections.


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