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Waveguide Couplers and Splitters

Smiths Interconnect supplies waveguide couplers, combiners and splitters for a variety of space, defense and air defense radar applications. These devices are designed to complement our waveguide isolators and terminations.

Features & Benefits

Our broad capability in the design and supply of waveguide hybrid and loop couplers. Smiths Interconnect has an expanding portfolio of couplers designed for a variety of radar and space based applications. These have been supplied as stand-alone products and as assemblies that integrate isolators, transitions etc. Our capability ranges from L to Ka-Band with coupler choice dependent on the application and the system considerations.

Application Waveguide Loop 2 x 1 Hybrid 2 x 2 Hybrid
S-Band WR430
C-Band WR229
Ku-Band WR75
K-Band WR51
Ka-Band WR34


Smiths Interconnect has supplied a large quantity of couplers over a relatively short period of time in WR34 and WR28. All of the space qualified couplers delicited to date are hybrid couplers and have been provided with or without a termination on one port or as part of more complicated passive assemblies.

By Frequency Band *

* FMs supplied to 31st December 2016
Band Couplers/Splitters FMs
Ku [WR62] 4
Ku [WR75] 14
Ka [WR34] 6
Ka [WR28] 376
Total 400

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