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ESJ Series H-Pin Socket

ESJ Series socket is a high-performance burn-in socket, with dual latch clamshell lid to provide co-planar pressure on the DUT when the lid is actuated. The patented H-Pin contact technology in the ESJ Series socket provides versatility and the ability to use the same socket for multiple application needs and test functions.

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Features & Benefits

  • Configurable design, in-house tooling, molding and machining provide short lead times.
  • Extensive catalog of components, drive reduction in cost of test.
  • Modular lid design allows for easy configuration of different end-use requirements.
  • Exceptional electrical performance provides wide RF bandwidth.

Feature Options

  • Spring loaded plunger
  • Heat sink
  • HAST venting features
  • Integrated thermal control with heater and sensor
  • Reverse seating plane
  • Max component clearance under the DUT
  • High temperature materials for above 200 °C application

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