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Array High Speed Test - DaVinci Micro Test Socket

Impedance Controlled Coaxial Solution for High Speed Test

The rapid expansion of connected devices and data-intensive applications are driving the growing demand for highly efficient and adaptive high-performance computing solutions. Whether it’s a complex SoC for a mobile phone or gaming system, volatile memory or an automotive radar application, the core functions and performance requirements all are being manufactured in the smallest possible footprint. The need to add more functionality in the smallest possible size has led to a reduction in IC pitch to less than 500 μm. At the same time, the increased performances in system-on-chip affect pin-to-pin noise or what is often called crosstalk during testing.

DaVinci Micro fully shielded signal path negates the effects of cross-talk during test, allowing an immediate yield enhancement over non-DaVinci products.

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Features & Benefits


  • Spring probe technology using homogenous alloy ​
  • Short signal path 2.85 mm Test Height ​
  • Impedance tuning, can match system or defined as needed, 40, 45, 50 Ohm impedance (single ended)  ​
  • Cross-talk suppression IM housing  ​
  • Tri-temp socket design to support -40 °C to +125 °C​
  • Consistent stable contact resistance 120 mΩ (Ave)​
  • Designed for manual test, bench test, and HVM Production Test using the same socket ​
  • Solution for BGA, LGA, QFN, DFN, and other variants, ideal for minimum pitch 0.35 mm​
  • Floating base or Hi Low configuration to protect spring probes during use


  • Tested to 500K
  • Short contact path for excellent DC performance​
  • RF Bandwidth up to 30 GHz @ -1dB IL ​
  • Reduction in pin-to-pin noise (cross-talk)  ​
  • Precision-machined socket housing ensures robust mechanical performance  ​
  • Field repairable, replace a single probe or full array without the need for additional training ​
  • Patented Insulated Metal socket housing for optimal signal integrity performance and strength ​
  • Match existing PCB socket footprint and test hardware led to cost-saving for customers

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