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Spring Probes facilitate Wireless Endoscopy

An innovative company was designing an ingestible camera, in the shape of a pill, that when swallowed, takes images of the patient’s digestive track as it moves through their body.  These images are then wirelessly transmitted out to the doctor for diagnosis.  This method is easier for most patients than going through a typical endoscopy procedure.  However, though the pill must be small enough to be swallowable, it must include the camera, light, batteries, and transmission circuitry, so there is essentially no room for the connections.

Spring Probes facilitate Wireless Endoscopy
Spring Probes facilitate Wireless Endoscopy
Custom Spring Interposers

Solution: Custom Spring Interposers

The ideal solution was to use Smiths Interconnect spring probes, which made the connections between the components, as the components were pressed together during assembly within the pill casing (very similar in shape to a common drug capsule).  This eliminated the need for connectors and wires which would have made the pill too large for many patients to swallow.  It also made the connections without need to solder, which vastly simplified assembly.

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Customer Advantage

  • Small Size: The spring probes directly connect the components within the pill without need of wires or cables
  • Solderless: Easier assembly in a very small, tight package
  • Reliability: Secure connections inside the device assure that the device functions properly while in the patient’s body