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Tortac© is the evolution of Hypertac hyperboloid contact design dedicated to high densityTortac  connectors. Boasting the same unique characteristics of the Hypertac hyperboloid contact on equal pin diameter the Tortac® socket features a smaller pitch that allows for a higher contact density.

The reduced gap between the external and internal diameter of the socket ensures a dramatically improved performance in high frequency environments and a steadier interconnection continuity profile.

Tortac chart


  • Higher density with same mechanical and electrical properties of Hyperboloid contact
  • High current handling vs. size pin’s OD 0.5 [mm] socket’s OD 0.85 [mm]
  • Single piece design that allows FEA instead of “trail & error” approach for new designs
  • High reliability, high resistance to salt spray
  • High signal speed thanks to the contact geometry
  • Self cleaning action
  • Long life (10’000 mating cycles)