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COVID-19 Update

Download PDF of Q&A around COVID-19 

Q1 – What is Smiths Interconnect doing in response to COVID-19?

A1 – We continue to closely monitor the situation around COVID-19. Throughout our global business, and in collaboration with the wider Smiths Group of companies, we are following guidance from appropriate governments and agencies, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other public health bodies.

Q2 – What is Smiths Interconnect doing to protect its employees?

A2 – Our primary concern is always the safety of our people and of all those we work with. Each of our sites is supporting our employees in taking appropriate precautions to protect their health, including asking employees who are able to perform their duties off site to work remotely. We have also imposed restrictions on travel.

Q3 – How has COVID-19 affected production at Smiths Interconnect’s sites?

A3 – We are paying close attention to the evolving situation and have introduced additional measures at all our sites across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa to mitigate the impacts associated with COVID-19. Global events around COVID-19 are continually developing and we cannot predict what may happen in the future. If production is affected and this results in an adverse impact to the delivery or service of orders, this will be communicated to customers directly.

Q4 – How have government measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as restricted travel arrangements, enforced curfews and/or mandatory confinement impacted Smiths Interconnect and its employees?

A4 – We are closely monitoring the measures imposed by national and regional authorities in response to COVID-19 that affect the areas in which we operate. In keeping with our values, we comply with applicable laws, including permitted exemptions designed to allow essential business activities to continue. As we consider our products and services are instrumental to the continued operation of essential industries such as medical/healthcare, aerospace, defence, rail, communications and digital infrastructure, we seek to use all lawful means to keep our sites open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also take reasonable steps to assist our employees travelling to and from work where restrictions apply, including providing documentation explaining why the employees are needed on site.

Q5 – How will COVID-19 impact the delivery of my order?

A5 We are taking the steps we consider necessary to carry out our usual business activities to the extent possible in light of the developing circumstances and publicly available guidance referenced in Q1. We are also in regular contact with our distribution partners as we continue to support our customers’ needs at this time. We are seeking to deliver orders by agreed time frames in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to the order. Any delays to orders as a result of COVID-19 will be communicated to customers directly through the usual channels.

Q6 – How might COVID-19 impact my dealings with Smiths Interconnect?

A6 – In light of ongoing travel restrictions (See Q2) and other precautionary measures, we no longer accept visitors at our sites unless truly business critical, permitted under applicable law and approved by senior management. Where possible, we are seeking to use technology (such as Microsoft Teams, Lync, Skype, Zoom, video and/or teleconference facilities) to connect wherever possible and practicable.

Q7 – How will COVID-19 impact Smiths Interconnect’s suppliers and supply chain?

A7 – We continue to monitor the potential impact on our supply chain and business operations while taking suitable measures to minimise effects on product manufacture and delivery. This includes asking our essential suppliers for their continued support to us and our customers operating in the essential industries referenced in Q4 and to inform us of any operational disruption or delay to delivery timeframes in connection with COVID-19 as soon as possible. Should there be any adverse impact to delivery or service timelines this will be communicated to customers directly.

Q8 – How is COVID-19 expected to impact Smiths Interconnect in the future?

A8 – Our teams continue to meet regularly to consider the impact of COVID-19. Our sites have Business Continuity plans in place designed to minimise potential operational disruption and these are being reviewed and updated regularly. In the long-term, it is of course impossible for Smiths Interconnect (or any other company, government or person) to be certain of the impact of COVID-19, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation. As things continue to evolve, our focus will remain on keeping our people safe, while continuing to offer the service and support that our customers have come to expect of us.

Q9 – What should I do if someone in my organisation who has fallen ill with suspected COVID-19 has recently had contact with a Smiths Interconnect employee or visited a Smiths Interconnect site?

A9 – In these circumstances, we would ask that your usual Smiths Interconnect contact be informed as soon as possible so we can take all appropriate steps to protect the safety and security of our employees. If you are unable to reach your contact or are unsure who to contact, please notify Roberta Rebora (Smiths Interconnect,  Marketing Communications Director) by email on [email protected] or Melanie Burke (Smiths Interconnect, Global Director, Health, Safety, Environment & Security) by email on [email protected].


Date: 02 December 2020

This questions and answers (Q&A) document is provided for general information purposes only as at the date specified above and is not intended to be exhaustive. Smiths Interconnect accepts no liability in respect of this document or its use. All orders of Smiths Interconnect products remain subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of the such products.

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