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Coaxial Isolators and Circulators

Smiths Interconnect's Trak brand has been manufacturing coaxial isolators at our Dundee site for over 40 years with space qualified isolator and circulators produced over the past two decades. Coaxial Isolators and Circulators are available for a wide range of applications and are designed to operate in assigned bands from 300 MHz to 31 GHz.

Coaxial Isolators and Circulators
Smiths Interconnect Capabilities


In-house capabilities encompass design, development, manufacturing and testing. Providing operational excellence tailored to volume manufacturing requirements, global sourcing, world class engineering talent and rapid prototyping.

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Isolators and Circulators

High power devices feature composite adiabatic technology designed for optimum thermal handling without compromising the careful electro/magnetic balance required to achieve leading performance while optimum isolation performance and reverse power handling is achieved by using a suite of high power resistive elements which utilize film technologies. All designs are vented with the position of the vents optimized as a result of careful analysis and design proving tests.

ITAR Isolators and Circulators in L, S and X-Bands

L, S & X-Band high power Circulators and Isolators are specifically designed for solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) used across various Military Communication and Radar applications.

High Power Isolators and Circulators for Space in L-Band

Specifically designed for solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) used aboard spacecrafts’ communication, navigation, RadarSats and satellite payloads (GEO/MEO and LEO constellations) these L-Band Isolators and Circulators are space qualified and are multipaction free to 1000 Watts peak at 1.57GHz.

Loads, Terminations and Attenuators

Smiths Interconnect produces a wide variety of loads and terminations ranging from those designed to be integrated into isolators to stand alone components. Loads, terminations and attenuators conjure images of assemblies used in applications with impressive levels of RF power. 

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Who We Are

Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products/thumbs that connect, protect and control critical applications in the commercial aviation, defense, space, medical, rail, semiconductor test, wireless telecommunications, and industrial markets.

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