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Hybrid & Pneumatic Modules for Modular Connectors

Smiths Interconnect expands its L Series of modular connectors with new contact technologies

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products announced today the extension of its L modular connector Series with the addition of 2 new module types that complete the company’s wide offering of modular solutions.

Smiths Interconnect’s L Series of modular connectors is easy to assemble, based on the principle of building blocks with a system composed of two elements: modules and frames. Modules of various styles and different contact types are available for different application requirements, combining signal, power, and coaxial contact technologies into custom arrangements within a single connector frame.

Smiths Interconnect now offers two new contact technologies, fiber optic and pneumatic, into the proven modular connector series. The new hybrid module combines two fiber optic termini with the option of one of their premium Coaxtac coaxial contacts or a 25Amp Hypertac power contact; the new pneumatic module adds the function of the air contacts to offer the possibility of a mechanical performance within a modular configuration.

Ideal for rugged rack & panel applications, the L Series can now support additional applications that require high speed data transmission (in space, aerospace, defense, and industrial market segments with the hybrid module) and mechanical power (in robots, testing and tooling machines with the pneumatic module).

Both new modules can be used in the standard versions of the L Series as well as in those compliant to EN45545 requirements for fire safety, and offer the following distinctive technical features and benefits:

Hybrid module (F):

  • Mix and Match
    • Fiber optic interconnects for 1.3mm 62.5/125μm multimode fiber optic cables with either:
    • Coaxial contacts for RG316, RG316DB, RG405 or T-Flex 405 cable, or:
    • Power contacts for 12-14AWG wire
  • Allows designers to combine fiber optic with copper cables to take advantage of the performance benefits of fiber, including reduced size and weight, immunity to EMI/RFI, no cross talk or loss of signal strength over long distances, and the difficulty of tapping fiber optic cables which increases system security.
  • May be used singly or in multiples, in conjunction with a variety of L Series modules, combining signal, power, and/or RF contacts in an assortment of standard rack and panel or cable to panel frames.
  • Ideal for Space, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial applications.

Pneumatic Module (PN):

  • Male contact features an NBR rubber o-ring that seals the contact into the female mating element
  • Compressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010, level 7 of purity class for particles.
  • The module adds the mechanical performance of the pneumatic contact to the standard modules with electrical contacts, to operate mechanical devices requiring compressed air
  • The mechanical performance of the contact gives the right mechanical power required by specific applications, such as pneumatic valves where the force of the air drives, solenoid valves or low-pressure pistons.
  • Ideal for tooling and agricultural machinery, testing systems, robots, factory machinery.

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