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Introducing the next generation of high-speed test solutions

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Introducing the next generation of high-speed test solutions

Smiths Interconnect announces the expansion of its DaVinci Series to incorporate DaVinci 112 - ideal for testing some of the most complex functionality of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (‘ASICs’).
Historically Cloud, Data Centre, Artificial Intelligence and Connected Automotive segments have all used CPUs or GPUs that were intended for other applications. Now, companies are designing and manufacturing Application Specific Integrated Circuits intended solely for the end segment. Addressing high speed signaling, device complexity and power requirements are leading to the largest Integrated Circuits ever manufactured, with pin count well over 4000 I/O’s all working in tandem to meet the specification. ‚Äč
“Testing these devices in full functionality is difficult due to noise isolation, which is the challenge at every stage of IC development. DaVinci 112 change in mechanical structure ensures the ground probe is always in contact with the socket body. This improved ground path offers a cleaner power delivery and is a significant feature to isolate pin-to-pin cross-talk.” said Brian Mitchell, Vice President and General Manager of the Semiconductor Test Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect.
DaVinci 112 Test Socket increases production yields and throughput, eliminating false faults and complete functional failures. It offers significant improvements over the existing DaVinci products.

  • Designed for devices ≥70x70 mm² and over 4000 I/O and coplanarity tolerance of up to 0.655 mm ball coplanarity, which if not addressed could cause no connection or open I/O’s during testing or poor signal integrity performance.
  • New ground probe design mechanically mating the barrel of the spring probe in contact with the IM socket body. This offers a cleaner power delivery and an improved noise isolation, with 50% improvement of the cross-talk isolation over DaVinci 56.
  • Increased spring probe length (0.8mm) to accommodate large device co-planarity tolerances while improving electrical and mechanical performance with a test height of 4.9 mm.
  • Protection against socket deflection caused by large number of spring probes which reduces the impact by twice as much as DaVinci 45G.

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