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Smiths Interconnect’s cPCI launched on NASA Mars Perseverance Rover – Interconnect Product of the Year

Smiths Interconnect proudly announces that its cPCI launched on NASA Mars Perseverance Rover has been awarded in the “Interconnection product of the year” category at the Electronics Industry Awards ceremony held in London on October 21st.

“We are delighted of this recognition of our technology, and proud to support the Mars Perseverance Rover with a solution able to maintain signal integrity in the harsh environment of the Red Planet” said Roberta Rebora, Marketing Communications Director at Smiths Interconnect. “Congratulations to all who have contributed to this success with their hard work and dedication.”
Smiths Interconnect provides the Mars Perseverance Rover with high performance ruggedized cPCI 2mm connectors addressing NASA’s need for a high reliability connector solution to meet the mechanical, electrical and environmental performance requirements. Rigorous testing was performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for extreme environmental conditions, including thermal excursions, corrosive atmospheres, excessive shock and vibration, contact engagement/separation cycling, and other key NASA requirements.

The cPCI 2mm connectors embed Smiths Interconnect’s unique Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology, renowned for its immunity to shock, vibration and fretting. Tested to high level space and aerospace standards, the series delivers high performance in mission critical applications such as military land systems, shipboard, spacecraft, and defense applications.

cPCI 2mm connectors provide:

  • High speed signal integrity up to 3.125 Gbps
  • High-temp LCP insulators that meets NASA outgassing requirements
  • Keying features to ensure proper and secure mating
  • An integrated shield to maximize EMI/RFI leakage
  • Compatibility with reflow soldering processes
  • Low insertion and extraction forces for reduced board strain and improved serviceability.

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cPCI PCB Connectors

Rugged 2mm footprint cPCI backplane system

Combined with a low dielectric constant, it is an excellent RF dielectric material for high-frequency applications in which thermal performance is equally critical. By applying cutting-edge thin film process and extensive millimeter wave design experience, Smiths Interconnect has created a high-performance line of resistive components. The resulting products, our Diamond RF Resistives® resistors, terminations, and attenuators, are significantly reduced in size and unparalleled in average and peak power handling.

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