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Advantages and Challenges of Planar Thin Film Bandpass Technology in RF Applications


Applications in the X, Ku and Ka bands require smaller size and weight components while providing high electrical response performance. In this webinar, Smiths Interconnect experts will address the advantages and challenges of RF filters that have reduced size and weight but also provide minimal loss in the passband and maximum rejection in the stopbands. To choose the right RF filter for your next RF design requires understanding the filter's size, weight and performance. Special attention will be given to the planar chip thin film bandpass filter technology, ideal for SATCOM, radar and broadcasting industry. The small footprint, lightweight and surface mount configuration allow for high volume, pick and place applications within mission-critical defense and space industries.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the advantages for applications in the X, Ku, and Ka frequency bands.
  • Discover the key challenges of optimizing filter capabilities while reducing size.
  • Choose the right thin film technology solutions in K and Ka frequency bands.