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Enabling Fiber Optic Connectivity for Military, Aerospace and Space Markets

This webinar will review ruggedized high bandwidth fiber optic transceiver solutions for embedded military and satellite computing and sensor systems. These solutions bring significant improvements in bandwidth density and SWaP (size/weight/power) to ground, air, sea, and space platforms.


Implementing datalinks using fiber optic as opposed to copper media provides the inherent advantages of bandwidth, distance, weight, and power consumption as well as the elimination of interference between channels. These features are especially critical in airborne, military, and space systems, where equipment must operate in the most rugged extremes of temperature, vibration, humidity, EMI and, in the case of space, radiation.

Smiths Interconnect provides proven fiber optic transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions that offer the advantages in SWaP (size, weight, and power) and more.  All of Smiths Interconnect's modules have elegant yet rugged physical connectivity for both the fiber cable and the PCB which enables minimum-cost assembly and maintainability.

LightABLE™ is the mid-board solution targeted at military and aerospace applications. SpaceABLE® brings all the advantages of LightABLE™ but with the added benefits of radiation-resistance and additional ruggedization for the space market, whereas the LightCONEX® family provides an active optical backplane solution that implements the stringent VITA 66.5 standard. This standard sets requirements for form factor and performance, enabling the next generation of OpenVPX and SOSA-aligned systems for defense platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how fiber optic connectivity provides significant advantages in bandwidth, distance, weight and EMI
  • Find out how Smiths Interconnect modules provide a very low SWaP (size, weight, and power) solution for the toughest environments, while also enabling ease of assembly and maintainability
  • Discuss how Smiths Interconnect has shipped more than 100,000 active fiber optic modules over the past 15 years for mid-board, backplane, mil/aero, and space markets