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Selecting Passive Temperature Compensation in RF Circuits

This webinar will address the need for passive RF components with temperature compensation, showing actual applications in amplifier chains and how to solve them in the most reliable manner.  Addressing the benefits of passive solution over an active in MTBF and FIT for flight units and overall program reliance and review attenuation shift due to self-heating is not a consideration for low power applications. Additional focus will be on Smiths Interconnect’s new and improved Thermopad selector tool and how to use it with specific examples in gain compensation.

Key Takeaways

  • Discuss the need for passive temperature compensation.
  • Understand digital (active) solutions vs. passive.
  • Address environmental factors that influence temperature compensation.
  • Analyze actual applications on how temperature compensation works in RF circuit designs.



  • Tim Meehan

    Technical Application Engineer Resitive/Cables, Fiber Optics and RF Components

    Tim has spent 25 years with Smiths Interconnect supporting the passive RF components line including Thermopad®, Diamond RF Resistives®, Attenuators, Terminations and Cable Assemblies. He has served in multiple roles supporting customers working in the space, defense, medical, commercial communication and industrial segments.