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Electronica 2024

There are plenty of good reasons for you to attend electronica. After all, in this form it is unique in the electronics industry.

  • The entire electronics industry gathers at a single location
    Exhibitors from nearly every sub-sector of the electronics industry from at least 50 countries around the world with a comprehensive range of exhibits, all at a single location: Such a high concentration of innovations at this level is only available at electronica.

  • The exhibitors are expecting you
    From all branches of industry, i.e. from industrial electronics, telecommunications, energy and electromobility to the banking and insurance industry, and from all areas of responsibility, i.e. from hardware developers and software developers to the logistics sector and human resources. The results of the exhibitor survey show that electronica's exhibitors are expecting exactly you!

  • Just as important as products and services: knowledge!
    Theme-oriented forums and prestigious conferences in cooperation with our media partners give you a look at future prospects.

  • We showcase, network and support talent
    We help talents stay oriented, network career engineers and professionals with leading employers and generate a great deal of attention for start-ups.


Even more reasons for you to attend the fair as well as facts, figures and dates are available here.