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Affordable, reliable, high-performance embedded optical transceivers with bandwidth up to 120 Gbps.

Engineers working on today’s high bandwidth industrial systems know that optical interconnect is the only viable option to link all those systems. Optical modules need to be easily integrated, offer flexible electrical and optical interfaces and reliable performance. Reflex Photonics is offering optical transceivers aimed at the industrial market with the LightVISION line of products. These embedded industrial transceivers are extremely rugged and deliver bandwidth in excess of 120 Gbps in a chip size part.

Rugged embedded transceivers advantages

Ease of integration

  • Low profile: 5 mm high
  • Small footprint: 1.3 cm × 1.3 cm
  • Flexible optical and electrical interfaces
  • Power: Less than 100 mW per lane


  • Operating temp.: -40 °C to 100 °C
  • Storage temp.: -57 °C to 125 °C
  • Shock and vibration resistance: BGA mount
  • Moisture resistance: sealed


  • BW: 120/40 Gbps
  • Link budget: greater than 13 dB
  • Receiver sensitivity: -12dBm
  • BER: 10-12
  • Reach: greater than 300 m

Typical Applications

Test fleet data gathering for AI training of future Level 5 autonomous vehicle

High bandwidth needs calls for optical. The data collection network and computing systems of these vehicles are expected to:

  • Connect LIDAR and radars.
  • Connect high-resolution cameras.
  • Provide centralized processing power and storage.
  • Operate in harsh environments.

Suitable products

Optical interconnect for high-speed, high-bandwidth 10GigE and 40GigE cameras

  • 40GigE camera integrator are now offering cameras that integrate optical module capable of >40 Gbps electro-optical conversion.
  • Optical link is the only viable solution to transfer the information generated by these high-bandwidth devices from the sensor to servers or computers.
  • The LightVISION gives camera designers the ability to envision more compact and more reliable product that can be deployed in harsh environments.

Suitable products

inside of machine


  • Advanced measurement systems
  • Thousands of sensors generating signals
  • Harsh environment requirements 
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • EMI immunity
  • Research infrastructures like LHC Super Colliders

Suitable products

smart city diagram

Smart, connected cities

  • Connect high resolution camera to embedded computer to monitor traffic and transportation systems.
  • Connect sensors to monitor electromagnetic emissions, air pollution, water quality, gas and water leaks.
  • Interconnect urban services such as waste management, public safety, street lights to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services.

Suitable products