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Lightweight High Density PCB

High density, lightweight signal connector specifically designed for applications where space and weight is at a premium for board to board interconnections. The HDLP series meets the requirement of space-constrained applications that require low mating force, a high number of mating cycles, low and stable contact resistance, and excellent fretting corrosion resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2000 mating cycles
  • Polarized and scoop proof insulator
  • Low component count & low insertion force
  • IP67 sealing when mated
  • Featuring Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology


With IP67 sealing when mated, the HDLP series is particularly suitable for missile guidance and propulsion systems, ruggedized computer systems, camera or display applications, and communications panels and enclosures. Available in variants that include PCB-to-PCB, PCB-to-flying-lead and PCB-to-flex, the HDLP series is designed to reduce the PCB real estate necessary for making data connections. PCB-to-PCB options include stacking and card-edge versions, for even greater flexibility.

The connectors include an interfacial seal and encapsulated contacts to achieve a high level of sealing, with optional conformal coating available to provide further environmental integrity.

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