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Filter Select Plus

Smiths Interconnect filters are available to suit a wide range of applications in the military, commercial and aerospace fields. For more information, please see the notes for each filter topology.Superior performance is achieved through the use of high "Q" components and computer modeling.

For band-reject filters, please contact the factory.


Filter Select Plus

Features & Benefits

Superior performance is achieved through the use of high "Q" components and computer modeling.

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    RF Filters and Diplexers

    RF filters up to Ka band in topologies : cavity, ceramic filters, lumped element, discrete, digitaly tunable & switched filter banks.

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    RF Tunable Filters

    We offer several standard Bandpass and Bandreject Tuners covering the frequency range of 24 MHz to 4000 MHz in octave bands.

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    Planar X Filter Series

    High performance, compact, light-weight solutions for critical RF filtering in X-band, Ku-band, and Ka bands.

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    Cavity Filters

    Available in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 40 GHz and with bandwidth options from less than 0.5% to over 66%.

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    Ceramic Filters

    Ceramic Filters are manufactured in two basic styles for both commercial and military applications.

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    Discrete Filters

    Miniature discrete component filters are designed to give optimal performance where small size is critical.

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    Advanced Thermal Management IC Test Solutions

    Utilizing state-of-the-art system simulation models allows Smiths Interconnect to optimize each lid’s design for efficient heat dissipation through a variety of cooling mechanisms.

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    New Volta 180 supports Wafer Level Packages and Known Good Dies test businesses

    The new Volta 180 Series is an advanced WLCSP test solution that expands Volta product line to include the compact 180um pitch, allowing for a higher number of chips to be tested on each wafer. It allows for a fast and reliable testing of wafers to ensure that they meet specifications and perform as they should, which translates into higher quality end products.