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Smiths Interconnect receives the ESA certification for its Italian site

Smiths Interconnect has announced that the European Space Agency has approved ESCC QPL certification for its manufacturing site in Genoa, Italy for some specific space-grade high-reliability PCB connectors.

Smiths Interconnect’s site in Genoa has been registered under the manufacturers of components qualified to the rules of the ESCC System and  intended for use in ESA and other spacecraft and associated equipment - in accordance with ESCC Generic Specification 3401 and associated Detail Specification 3401/016, 3401/017 and 3401/039 - as recommended by the Space Components Steering Board.

The certification refers to the 2 and 3 row PCB connectors of Smiths Interconnect’s KM and KN Series and encompasses multiple configurations and contact terminations, from 17 to 160 contact positions with a 0.5mm and 0.60 mm contact diameter.

Mark Kelleher, VP & General Manager of the Connectors Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect, said, “This new certification reinforces our position in the space market segment. I congratulate everyone involved, this achievement truly cements Smiths Interconnect's position as a partner of choice for cutting-edge space-grade connectivity solutions.” 

This important recognition has been achieved after a deep evaluation of the production process of the space-grade connectors directly performed on site by ESA staff. The key factors ensuring those configurations are compliant with ESA’s requirements are:

  • The specific material platings that the connectors feature
  • The rigorous and precise assembly and testing procedures that the products follow before the completion of the production process
  • The capability to operate under the Operating Temperature Range from ‐55°C to +125°C.
The Italian site proudly joins the Smiths Interconnect site in St.-Aubin-Lès-Elbeuf, France, that also holds this certification since the first endorsement in 1982.

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