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KaStream 5000® MK II

Ka-Broadband Antenna System

Designed for applications where size and weight are critical, the KaStream® 5000 MK II Antenna System is network agnostic designed for commercial and military applications. Easily adaptable to most commercially available modems, the KaStream® 5000 MK II offers real-time switcheable dual polarization.The KaStream® 5000 MK II consists of 3 Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s): a Satellite Tracking Antenna Assembly (STAA), a Antenna Control Unit (ACU) or a Ka Antenna Power Supply Unit (KPSU), and a commercially available customer-selected modem.


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Features & Benefits

The KaStream 5000® MK II tail mount antennas featuring TECOM technology is a complete SATCOM terminal solution offering fully integrated RF electronics, antenna aperture, and motion control system in a single LRU that reduces system weight, power consumption and complexity. The KaStream 5000 MK II is specifically designed to provide maximum network flexibility and allow end-users to define the modem to meet their operational needs.

  • Superior antenna system performance in transmit and receive Maximizes satellite footprint usage, resulting in fewer satellites required for network operation, therefore reducing cost
  • Ka-band RF spectrum coverage for commercial and military use
  • Real-time switchable dual polarization
  • Easily adaptable to most commercially available modems
  • Offers maximum flexibility to operate on High-Throughput Satellites (HTS)

Contact our product experts to discuss your specific system requirements and custom configurations to meet your needs.

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