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KuStream® 1000

The KuStream®1000 fuselage mount antenna system featuring TECOM technology offers gate-to-gate SATCOM In-Flight Connectivity on global Ku-band networks and new HTS Satellites.

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Features & Benefits

The KuStream® 1000 fuselage mount antenna system featuring TECOM technology is a complete SATCOM terminal solution featuring a high gain fuselage mount multi-gimbal antenna, high power transceiver (25W), antenna control unit and a customer specified modem to offer maximum network flexibility. The KuStream® 1000 is installed on over 1000 aircraft, has logged over 15 million hours flight hours and servers millions of customers worldwide.

Contact our product experts to discuss your specific system requirements and custom configurations to meet your needs.

Integrated 4 LRU system

  • Satellite Antenna Assembly (SAA)
  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
  • High Power Transceiver (HPT)
  • Modem agnostic (customer selected)

Large Install Base

  • Over 1000 aircraft installations
  • More than 15 million flight hours
  • Commercial and military variants

Market leader

  • Full Ku-band spectrum coverage for military and commercial use
  • Full compliance with stringent FCC regulatory standards
  • Gate-to-gate connectivity
  • Operates on global Ku-band networks and new HTS satellites

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