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C-Series H-Pin® Socket

Accelerated life testing solution

C-Series H-Pin® Socket is a modular burn-in socket with clamshell-style lid. The small footprint outline allows for a best-in-class range of package accommodations, from 0.5 mm body size up to 12 mm and optimal socket density per burn-in board.

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Features & Benefits

  • Design flexibility, in-house tooling and molds allow  for lowest cost of test.
  • Extensive catalog of standard components reduces cost and lead-time.
  • ≥0.3 pitch accommodates a wide variety of application needs.
  • Optimized thermal profile to end-use specification

Feature options

  • Spring-loaded plunger
  • Heat sink
  • HAST venting features
  • Integrated thermal control with heater and sensor
  • Reverse seating plane
  • Package inserts for a variety of sizes
  • High temperature materials for above 200 °C applications

H-Pin Technology

Utilizing the H-Pin in the C-Series socket provides market leading electrical performance for all reliability testing requirements. The modularity provides unmatched design flexibility and ensures no sacrifices are made in delivering a complete solution without compromising performance or reliability.

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