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Galileo Test Socket

Low-profile Test Socket
Galileo is an innovative, low-profile test socket that provides outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for IC test customers who need a cost effective, rapid delivery solution. Combining a universal interconnect fabric material with advanced 3D manufacturing processes, Galileo enables low-volume, rapid turn-around-time production of test sockets for a wide variety of IC test applications.
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Features & Benefits

Patented, low profile contact
  • Solderless memory replacement
  • Short signal path
  • Conformal to recessed LGAs
High speed signal integrity
  • Electrically transparent contact
  • High frequency bandwidth > 40GHz
  • Low inductance
  • No PCB or solder ball damage
  • Minimal labor and tester downtime
Engineering expertise
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • RF Simulation

Galileo is an advanced “quick-turn universal” test socket that leverages elastomeric technology, delivers industry-leading electrical performance with unprecedented lead time. Suitable for benchtop, characterization, debug, and failure analysis applications where a high-performance socket is needed, Galileo delivers previously un-attainable speed in socketed test availability, helping users to get tests completed on time, every time.


Technical Characteristics

Mechanical Properties 
Applicable Pitch 0.35mm and up
Galileo Z Hieght 0.394mm nominal, +/- 6.5% (0.368 to 0.419mm)
Compressed  to 65% 0.257mm nominal, +/- 6.5% (0.240 to 0.274mm)
Test travel to 35%:  0.138mm nominal +/- 6.5%  (0.129 to 0.147mm)
Test force

BGA ~12-28g per ball @ 35% compression
LGA ~240g per mm² compressed area  @ 35% compression

Max Operating Temp 125° C
Insertion Life 5000 Insertions
Electrical Properties
Insertion Loss (S21) 40 GHz @-1dB                  
Contact Resistance <25 mΩ 
Inductance 0.080 nH                            
Thermal Resistance 188.1 K/W
Capacitance 0.075 pF                             
Impedance (TDR): 47Ω
Thermal Conductivity 75.8 W/(m*K)
 Rise Time Delay (TDT) 3ps    
Current Carrying Capacity (CCC) 16A /mm² steady state @ 10° C heat rise

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