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Exploring the Cutting-Edge SpaceABLEĀ® Radiation-Resistant Embedded Optical Transceivers

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In the vast expanse of outer space, where exploration and communication are paramount, technological advancements are critical for ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity. Smiths Interconnect's SpaceABLE® 10G SL Series and 28G SL Series radiation-resistant onboard embedded optical transceiver modules are at the forefront of revolutionizing space-borne high-speed onboard data processing. These modules are not only designed to withstand the harsh conditions of launch and the environment in space, including radiation, they offer unparalleled longevity and high I/O density, making them a game-changer for space missions.

Radiation Resistance and Robustness for Space Environments
Space missions expose electronic components to intense radiation, a challenge that can compromise the functionality of conventional devices. However, Smiths Interconnect's SpaceABLE® line of products is purposefully designed to withstand these extreme conditions. The intrinsic radiation resistance of the SpaceABLE® modules ensures their reliability even in high-radiation environments, with the capability to endure radiation doses exceeding 100 krad (Si). This remarkable resilience is a result of rigorous engineering and testing, following the stringent ECSS standards for space radiation environments.

Unmatched Longevity and Durability
An important feature of the SpaceABLE® 10G SL Series and 28G SL Series modules is their reliability and longevity. These modules are engineered and built to reliably operate in the challenging environment of space, where electronic components are subjected to prolonged exposure to harsh conditions. Their robust construction and high-quality materials contribute to their extended operational lifespan, making them an asset for space missions exceeding 20 years.

High I/O Density for Enhanced Performance
When it comes to data processing in space, efficiency and performance are paramount. The SpaceABLE® modules deliver not only on radiation resistance and durability but also on high bandwidth with low volumetric density. The 10G SL Series and 28G SL Series modules feature a compact and low-profile design that can be seamlessly integrated onto the board via a thin LGA connector (electrical interposer). This compact form factor allows for optimized use of system board space, making it possible to achieve bandwidths exceeding 300 Gbps in a chip-sized part.

Tailored Solutions and Pre-Screening
Recognizing the critical nature of space missions, Smiths Interconnect offers an additional layer of customization and assurance. Component pre-screening and lot tracking is available for every  manufacturing lot of SpaceABLE® transceivers destined for space applications. This meticulous screening process ensures that each module meets the rigorous demands of the mission, adding an extra level of confidence to the already impressive array of features.

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-intensive satellites, the demand for advanced technologies that can withstand the rigors of the cosmos is unwavering. Smiths Interconnect's SpaceABLE® 10G SL Series and 28G SL Series radiation-resistant embedded optical transceiver modules rise to the challenge, offering radiation resistance, robustness, longevity, and high I/O density. These modules are not just components; they are a testament rigorous design and production experience.

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