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Lab-Flex® T offers superior phase performance

Smiths Interconnect announces today the release of its Lab-Flex® T Series of flexible coaxial cable assemblies. The T cable assemblies are mechanically robust and specifically designed to minimize phase change when subjected to a wide range of operational temperatures.Lab-Flex T

This makes them an ideal choice for system applications under extreme temperature and environmental conditions such as Radar, Test & Measurement, and Space applications.

The Lab-Flex® T Series currently consists of the 065T, 100T, and 160T cable models, which cover key performance characteristics at various frequency bands from DC to 50 GHz. They are available in standard mechanical lengths or phase-matched electrical lengths as needed. All products have gone through extensive qualification testing in order to meet today’s rigorous requirements per customer application and industry standard.

Lab-Flex® T cable assemblies allow for minimum phase change while maintaining excellent return loss. Their special foam dielectric material provides a much lower attenuation than solid PTFE. Precision Connector interfaces meet MIL-STD-348 requirements and are designed for maximum frequency capability.

“The Lab-Flex® T cable assemblies provide yet another example of Smiths Interconnect’s extensive heritage in high reliability technology with superior performance for aerospace & defence applications,” says Paul Harris, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Customers have asked for a supplier capable of producing cable assemblies with more consistent electrical performance over higher frequencies, larger temperature extremes, and across higher volumes. Our experience with both high-reliability environments and on large- scale commercial programmes as well as the unique attributes of this product range allows the Lab-Flex® T Series to meet these needs. They are rugged and phase stable, and are the ideal fit for high volume platform programmes”.

Click here for more information and to visit our Lab-Flex® T series page.

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