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New Lowpass RF Filter solutions in the X Band

Product Details
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Smiths Interconnect announces today the launch of its Planar X Series of Thin Film Lowpass Filters designed for applications in harsh environments.
Planar X Series provides system engineers with a high performance, compact solution for critical RF filtering in X band. The Planar X Series leverages thin film process technology on various substrates which are designed for mission critical applications. The small footprint, light weight and surface mountable configuration allow for high-volume pick and place applications and are ideal for Radar, SATCOM, and Satellite industries. Planar X Series complements Smiths Interconnect's extensive portfolio of RF/Microwave components with an off-the-shelf product offering reduced lead times compared to custom-designed filters.
In addition to the standard products, Smiths Interconnect can provide custom Planar X filter designs to meet specific application requirements. Regardless of the application, Smiths Interconnect’s internal processes and procedures enable it to provide filters that meet our customers’ specifications.


“The Lowpass X-Band RF Filter is the newest addtion to the Planar X filter family. The Lowpass RF Filter has been qualified for mission critical defence and space applications”, explained Tullio Panarello, VP and General Manager of the Fibre Optics and RF Components Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “The qualification plan is based on our legacy space heritage and ensures consistent performance and endurance under harsh environments.”


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