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Planar X Filter Series

Thin Film RF Filters

Planar X Series of standard RF filters provide system engineers with high performance, compact, light-weight solutions for critical RF filtering in X-band, Ku-band, and Ka bands. Planar X Series compliments Smiths Interconnect’s broad portfolio of RF/Microwave components with an off-the-shelf product reducing the lead times of custom designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact size – reduced PCB footprint
  •  Light weight – reducing overall system mass in critical space and defense applications
  • Excellent rejection characteristics - best-in-class RF performance
  • Low insertion loss – enhanced system performance
  • Surface mountable – ideal for pick-and-place applications
  • Robust materials – suitable for harsh environments
  • Standard frequency bands – X band, Ku band and Ka band


  • Radar
  • Communications
  • LEO constellation
Product Series Center Frequency Bandwidth Temperature Range Power Handling Data Sheet
Ka-Band Planar X Filter 28000 MHz 1000 MHz -55 to 85 deg. C 1 W PDF
K -Band Planar X Filter 15000 MHz 6000 MHz -55 to 85 deg. C 1 W PDF


Product Series Cutoff Frequency Bandwidth Temperature Range Power Handling Data Sheet
X-Band Planar X Filter 12800 MHz 12 GHz -55 to 100 deg. C 1 W PDF
X-Band Planar X Filter    10000 MHz 4 GHz -55 to 100 deg. C 1 W PDF



Planar X Standard RF filters leverage thin film process technology on various dielectric substrates which are designed for use in harsh environments. The small footprint, light weight and surface mountable configuration allow for high volume pick and place applications and are ideal for SATCOM, Radar and Broadcasting industries. Smiths Interconnect can also offer value added, high reliability test options providing assurance in mission critical defense and space applications.

In addition to the standard products, Smiths Interconnect can provide custom Planar X filter designs that are specific to the requirements of the application. Regardless of the application, our internal processes and procedures ensure that all filters are fully compliant to customers’ specifications.

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