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High reliability multi-function RF systems, ferrite microwave products, and precision time & frequency systems for defense, commercial aerospace, space, homeland security, and public safety applications.

Multi-Function RF Systems Fast Facts

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  • Image of SpaceNXT™ MWC Series

    SpaceNXT™ MWC Series

    Available configured either as a splitter or combiner and designed to offer the commercial satellite downlink band with specific attention to achieving phase stable output amplitude and phase characteristics.

  • Image of Isolators and Circulators

    Isolators and Circulators

    High power devices feature composite adiabatic technology designed for optimum thermal handling without compromising performance.

  • Image of MW Waveguide Loads

    MW Waveguide Loads

    The breadth of waveguide products includes devices operating from 1.0 to 52.0 GHz and includes isolators and circulators, combiners, transitions and terminations. Each product is designed for specific applications and optimized to handle an appropriate amount of RF power. The highest power devices are based on differential phase shift technology while lower power devices are supplied based on traditional junction technology, Smiths Interconnect offers a broad choice of standard junction and differential 4-port waveguide isolators and circulators.

  • Image of Up/Down Frequency Converters

    Up/Down Frequency Converters

    High performance frequency block upconverters, and block downconverters are specifically designed for airborne satellite communications, data links, point to point radio links, and radar applications

  • Image of SpaceNXT™ Ku Series

    SpaceNXT™ Ku Series

    Readily accessible space qualified waveguide Isolators, Circulators, Terminations, transitions, Hybrids and couplers operating in assigned bands from X to V-Band specifically for space applications.

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Dundee’s space sector to receive multi-million pound investment

Smiths Interconnect awarded c.£2m in funding from the UK Space Agency. The funding will be used by Smiths Interconnect to enhance its Space Qualification Laboratory, a cutting-edge facility in Dundee that simulates the extreme conditions of space – one of the harshest environments known to humankind – to assure the quality and durability of space components. From simulating the extreme vibration and shock environment of launch to surviving the extreme temperature swings experienced during space flight, the lab has a full range of capabilities in which it will be investing substantially through the SCIF grant.

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