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SpaceNXT™ QT Series

Space Qualified Phase Stable Coaxial Cable Assemblies

SpaceNXT™ QT Series offers improved phase stability over a wide range of temperatures found in space environments whilst meeting all NASA/ESA outgassing specifications. It is equipped with ETFE radiation resistant jacket materials. This combination enables customers to enjoy the benefits of lower cost of ownership while improving system performance.

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Features & Benefits

  • Mode Free performance up to 50 GHz - for high-frequency applications
  • Stainless steel connectors or BeCu Connectors - rated >500 mating cycles where applicable
  • Phase Stable Fluoropolymer dielectric – Minimized electrical length changes over a wide temperature range
  • Low loss dielectric - reduced attenuation and power loss
  • >-90dB shielding effectiveness - superior RF leakage performance and minimized cross talk
  • ETFE Jackets - increased radiation resistance
  • Compliant to NASA/ESA outgassing specifications
  • Phase stable testing available on request including “tracking” cable pairs
  • 100% flight test data available


The SpaceNXT™ QT series is part of Smiths Interconnect’s overarching initiative entailing the creation of a full range of higher reliability products for next generation space applications that are readily available on the market. All products have passed design verification and are rigorously tested per customer and industry application requirements. SpaceNXT™ QT series assemblies are manufactured with low loss fluoropolymer dielectrics and constructed with materials which meet the outgassing requirements of NASA/ESA when tested per ASTM E595.

The outer jackets use ETFE material for increased radiation resistance. SpaceNXT™ 065QT, 100QT, and 160QT cables are specifically designed for space flight applications on LEO, MEO, and GEO satellite platforms and offered with standardized testing sequences, reducing delivery times and overall cost of ownership.

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