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HyperGrip® Series

Push Pull High Density Connectors

HyperGrip is a circular plastic, user-configurable, color coded connector with push/pull latching design allowing for one-hand disconnect. HyperGrip is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94, and is compatible with most sterilization requirements. The Series includes disposable plugs for HG2 and HG4 sizes designed to support overmolding and high volume production methods and to withstand at least 30 cycles whilst ensuring the connector performance in terms of insulation resistance, dielectric withstanding voltage, current carrying, and low level current resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • 5, 12 19 and 33 contact positions
  • 1 A per contact
  • IP65 sealed when mated
  • EMI/RFI shielding option
  • Push/pull latching design
  • Ideal for disposable applications
  • Disposable option for 12 and 33 way plugs
  • 6 Keyable positions
  • 5 color options


Designed specifically for the medical industry, that is customer keyable for quick and accurate connections on medical equipment. This unique HyperGrip keying system allows customers greater freedom and flexibility to build connectors with six different keying options from a set of common components, thereby reducing cost, lead time and inventory.

Unique to HyperGrip is the front or rear panel mount receptacle design which allows the user to mount the harness assembly from inside or outside of the device enclosure. HyperGrip is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94, and is compatible with most sterilization requirements. HyperGrip is offered in several configurations; including the 5 position HG0, 12 position HG2, 19 position HG3, and 33 position HG4. Also available is a shielded version for the HG2, HG3, and HG4 size for EMI/RFI protection as well as Spring Probe, Fiber Optic (expanded beam and butt joint) and Coaxial contacts.



Contact Technologies

Hyperboloid Contact

Hypertac® Hyperboloid - HC

Machined Screw Contacts

Screw-machined contact -MR
  • Long contact life
  • Low insertion/extraction forces
  • Lower contact resistance
  • Higher current ratings
  • Immunity to shock and vibration
  • 360º contact wipe
  • RoHS compliance
  • Medium contact life
  • Flexible design
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Low insertion/extraction forces
  • Low contact resistance
  • Higher current ratings
  • RoHS compliance

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