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M12 Series Connectors

Robust and Reliable M12 Connector System

M12 connectors offer robust and compact connectivity solution that has been developed to address specific application environments where space and weight are key concerns. The M12 Series offer a time-saving, reliable and tool-free solution. Qualified to French and European rail standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 8 contact positions
  • Compact IP67 metal shell
  • 360° EMI shielding
  • Hyperboloid contact technology
  • Compliant with fire and smoke standards
  • A and D coded versions


M12 connectors provides a single complete solution to safely and reliably ensure efficient communication in industrial environments while decreasing downtime. The  compact and robust design incorporates the industry-leading Hypertac hyperboloid contacts that deliver unrivalled performance, ease of use and unparalleled reliability. In real-world industrial operating scenarios, the M12's comprehensive sealing properties deliver a competitive edge by ensuring uninterrupted signal integrity through keeping out dust, moisture, dirt and oil that can corrupt the connection.

The design features a unique side loading contact retention system that provides a positive contact retention and simplifies the assembly process. This simplified approach to contact assembly not only makes the product series very user friendly, but also reduces assembly times. Within a common housing design, the M12 series includes insert options from 3 to 8 ways, with both crimp and solder contact terminations available.
Smiths Interconnect M12 connectors, are ideal for communication applications, including Gigabit internet network on-board, factory automation, drive motors, machine tools, robots, conveyor systems, handling machines and elevators, etc. They all feature outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference through a full 360° screen connection. A complete range of options and accessories are available as standard, making the series suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, the total number of components used in the design has been optimized to reduce stocking requirements.

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