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Transformer Series

HeavyPower & EasyPower

Transformer Series offers a customer configurable architecture, with just a few piece parts to create several types of connectors as a platform solution. No special tools are needed except crimping tools, resulting in a reduced stock and kitting/logistic management. The series offers a high reliability due to the Tortac® contact and provides up to 500 mating cycles and high current rating up to 300A/500A. 

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Features & Benefits

  • High density modular solution;
  • High power, up to 300A / 500A
  • Straight, angled and shunt termination styles;
  • Cable section size from 25mm² to 50mm² / 240mm²
  • Compliant with the EN45545- 2; (HL3 for R22 & R23


The HeavyPower and EasyPower Connectors are part of the Smiths Interconnect's Transformer range, a comprehensive series of high density, high power, heavy duty, modular connectors for all on-board power applications within the rail market. The Transformer's modularity enables customers to design their own solution by supplying the elementary components of the whole connector. It employs a unique do-it-yourself system based on the building block principle. The connectors are suitable for any applications requiring the transmission of very high currents such as power distribution, intercoaches and bogies.

The HeavyPower Series is available in 1 to 4 pole versions, supporting up to 300A per pole and a voltage rating of 3600V. The HeavyPower connector is offered with straight termination, that allows for the easy mounting on the roof or under the car's floor or with right angle termination to facilitate the mounting between two cars. As a variant, the HeavyPower Y Series is also proposed as a branch connector acting as a junction box.

The EasyPower Series is available in 1 to 4 pole versions, supporting up to 500A per pole and a voltage rating of 3600V. The EasyPower connectors can be supplied in a straight version, that allows for the easy mounting on the roof or under the car's floor. A straight version with a shunt is also available to facilitate mounting between two cars.

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