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HyperMod Series

Heavy Duty Modular Connector

Heavy duty, modular, rectangular HyperMod Series is available with a variety of contacts, special shells for harsh environments and special high creepage/clearance modules. The series conforms to DIN 43652 standards and is NF F61-030 railways approved.

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Features & Benefits

  • Modularity mixed signal, power, coaxial, high speed and fiber optics contacts
  • IP67 rugged aluminum shell
  • Several housing & hoods, single or double locking systems
  • Conforms to DIN 43652 standards and NF F61-030 railways approved
  • High shock and vibration proof: EMI & RFI protection
  • Robust connector system
  • Broad and versatile range of types available
  • Reliable contact technology
  • Can be used with cable gland or PMA accessories
  • Low insertion force and long cycle life


The HyperMod Series is a heavy duty modular rectangular connector designed to meet the growing requirements of high-speed signal interconnections in railway applications, such as the communication networks made available to passengers within coaches.

The HyperMod connector series can be equipped with modular inserts offering a combination of fiber optics, high speed Ethernet twinax or quadrax, power and signal contacts. The shielding effectiveness meets the exacting EMC requirements of railway environments. Its RoHS IP67 shock-proof aluminum shell guarantees an excellent resistance to the high levels of shocks and vibrations on-board rail vehicles. The HyperMod connectors are available with various housing and hoods, with single or double locking systems and float rack and panel frame can be on request. The connectors conform to DIN 43652 standards and approved NF F61-030 French railways approved.

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