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B Series

Robust Modular Rectangular Connectors

B Series incorporates the highly reliability Hypertac® hyperboloid contact which provides optimum performance in harsh conditions such as extreme mechanical shock and high mating cycles.

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Features & Benefits

  • Modularity mixed signal, power, coaxial and high speed contacts
  • Up to 100 signal 1.50mm contacts
  • Interchangeable contact retaining system
  • Bilevel contact modules (BC, BGD)
  • In compliance with NF F61-030, NF F16-101, NF F16-102


Smiths Interconnect provides connectivity solutions for transmission of power, data and signals in railway applications. Smiths Interconnect's B Series of modular connectors allow the combination of signal, power, coaxial and high speed contacts in a single contact frame or housing. Electrical contacts are equipped with our proven Hypertac hyperboloid technology, ideal for applications subject to shock, vibration, fretting corrosion, high voltage and current levels. B Series is the ideal choice for applications that require all-in-one space-saving modular connectors, and high mating cycle contacts that guarantee long life performance under the most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions.

The B Series features an adaptable cable clamp, clip and cloc contact retaining system, bi-level contact modules (BC, BGD), a centered jackscrew extractor and guiding and coding functions to ensure reliable mating up to 500 cycles. B-Series connectors are in compliance with NF F French railway standards.

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