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Broadband Dual Polarized Log Periodic Antennas

These antennas featuring TECOM technology set the industry standard with an average gain of 7.5 dBi and are ideally suited for direction finding and surveillance applications. Each antenna has two independent planar, log periodic structures positioned at quadrature on a common axis, each having its own feed system. This series of antennas is available in several different models that cover a spectral range of 20 MHz to 26.5 GHz.

Features & Benefits

  • Broadband Coverage with Constant Gain and Beamwidths
  • Polarization Diversity: Vertical/ Horizontal/ Right Hand and Left Hand Circular Polarization Available
  • Removable Elements for Transportability and Stowage
  • Extremely Rugged - Perform to Specs in Severe Environments
  • MIL-E-16400 Design

Documents & Literature

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