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MW Transitions and Iso-adapters

Waveguide iso-adapters span from S to Ka-Band and include coaxial and waveguide isolators with transitions to waveguide and integrated assemblies including filtering and waveguide windows. Lowest mass waveguide iso-adapter solutions are normally realised by integrating a coaxial isolator with a waveguide transition while waveguide isolators integrated with coaxial transition generally offer a superior electrical performance.

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  • Image of MW Waveguide Loads

    MW Waveguide Loads

    The breadth of waveguide products includes devices operating from 1.0 to 52.0 GHz and includes isolators and circulators, combiners, transitions and terminations. Each product is designed for specific applications and optimized to handle an appropriate amount of RF power. The highest power devices are based on differential phase shift technology while lower power devices are supplied based on traditional junction technology, Smiths Interconnect offers a broad choice of standard junction and differential 4-port waveguide isolators and circulators.

  • Image of MW Isolators & Circulators

    MW Isolators & Circulators

    Offered in drop-in, coaxial, microstrip/ surface mount, and waveguide configurations from C-band to V-Band. These high performance components are highly compact, ruggedized with superior magnetic shielding.

  • Image of RF Filters and Diplexers

    RF Filters and Diplexers

    RF filters up to Ka band in topologies : cavity, ceramic filters, lumped element, discrete, digitaly tunable & switched filter banks.

  • Image of Signal Distribution

    Signal Distribution

    Wide array of products to support signal distribution applications up to 50 GHz.

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    New K-band waveguide components for Space applications

    Highly compact and ruggedized, Smiths Interconnect’s K-band waveguide components are rigorously qualified for spacecraft use in the company’s state-of-the-art test and qualification laboratory in Dundee, Scotland.

  • Image of HBB Power Connectors

    New high-power connectors for demanding defense applications

    The new HBB connector takes the 500 amp version of a single-pole and replaces the internals to have five poles, each with size eight contacts and two interlocked pins. This means that in a very tight space, the customer can run five power lines which increases the connectors’ flexibility and offers the ability to run redundant lines as required.

  • Image of Hypergrip Connectors for Medical

    Expanded product offering for disposable healthcare applications

    The new disposable connector plug leverages the versatility of the Hypergrip® Series to deliver a reliable interconnect solution for single or few uses, ideal for applications that don’t require high cycle life but still require a premium disposable connector mated with a high cycle receptacle.