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Fixed Attenuators - Small Signal

Our attenuators are available in a low power chip package as well as a 0.250 sq high power BeO package. The input power ratings range from 0.1 to 120 watts. The attenuation values range from 0 dB to 20 dB with 30 dB available on some devices. The terminals of our chip attenuators are made with thick or thin film material. Smith Interconnect is the world leader in fixed attenuators from DC through Q band. 

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Features & Benefits

Terminals are nickel plated and solder coated or silver over nickel RoHS compliant lead free. Our chip attenuators are available with thick film resist, tantalum nitride or nichrome thin film resist materials. The TS04, TS05, TS07, TS09, TT9, KFA and HPCA series use thick film resistor elements. The devices are available for shipping in tray or tape and reel packaging. 

Surface mount chip attenuators are designed for direct installation on printed circuit boards. Edge metallization on two sides forms the solder fillets for stronger attachment, easier inspection, and increased heat removal area. The devices are available in Alumina, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), BeO and CVD diamond . All devices are available RoHS compliant. 

  • Substrates - BeO, AlN,  Alumina and CVD Diamond 
  • Commercial and High Reliability Product Lines 
  • Frequency Range from DC to 50 GHz 
  • Attenuation Values from 0 to 30dB 
  • Space and Military Qualified 
  • Surface mount, bondable and coaxial configurations 


Small Signal Attenuators

Smiths Interconnect Small Signal Attenuator Offering

Series Temperature Variable Thermopad® Equivalent Frequency Range Max  Input Power CW  Footprint Dimensions (Inches) Footprint Dimensions (mm)
TT3 (0.5dB attenuation)
TVA DC-12.4 GHz 2.0 Watts 0.122 X 0.145 3.10 X 3.68
TS04 Not Available DC-6 GHz 1.0 Watts 0.125 X 0.100 3.18 X 2.54
TT5 (0.5dB attenuation) MTVA DC-18 GHz *0.75 - 5.0 Watts 0.075 X 0.060 1.91 X 1.52
TS06 Not Available DC-20 GHZ *0.5 - 3.0 Watts 0.065 X 0.035 1.65 X 0.89
TS07 AN7 DC-6 GHz 100 Milliwatts 0.080 X 0.050 2.03 X 1.27
TS09 WTVA DC-20 GHz 200 Milliwatts 0.060 X 0.075 1.52 X 1.91
TT9 WTVA DC-20 GHz *1.0 - 4.0 Watts 0.060 X 0.075 1.52 X 1.91
AT Series


DC-20 GHz

100 Milliwatts - 2 Watt

Various Various
TSX Not Available DC-50 GHz 1-3 Watts 0.060 x 0.040 1.52 x 1.02
KFA KTVA 16-36 GHz 200 Milliwatts 0.120 X 0.065 3.05 X 1.65 
* Attenuation Value Dependent

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