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Smiths Interconnect acquires Reflex Photonics

Smiths Interconnect announces that it has completed the acquisition of Reflex Photonics, Inc. (“Reflex”) to expand in high speed data transmission market (Download the Reflex Photonics’ Datasheet here).

Founded in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, Reflex is a recognized global leader in rugged high-reliability optical transceiver modules for space, defence, aerospace, and industrial applications. Reflex optical transceivers deliver high signal density and ultra-fast speeds for low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) solutions.

Reflex products are mainly used in harsh environment advanced systems such as AESA radars, high-performance computers, satellites, automotive applications, in-flight entertainment, and high-resolution cameras.

Reflex complements Smiths Interconnect’s product offering with the addition of a core fibre optic capability that will help address the needs arising from high speed data transmission in market segments requiring high reliability. Reflex’s products, patents, and references will provide significant differentiation to Smiths Interconnect, supporting the company’s ambition to be partner of choice for innovative and high speed connectivity solutions for demanding applications. In addition, Reflex’s location in Canada will open this key geographical market to Smiths Interconnect.

Smiths Interconnect President Karen Bomba said: "We are pleased to welcome Reflex to the Smiths Interconnect family of technology brands. We are a leading supplier of technically differentiated components that are critical to our customers’ products and operations; Reflex adds leading ruggedized and radiation-resistant transceiver technology to our offering, strengthening our presence and positioning in harsh environment fibre optic end applications”.

“Reflex’s focus on harsh environment applications where high reliability is the key purchase criterion, makes the company a renowned player in the marketplace” added Paul Harris, VP Sales and Marketing. “Its commitment for strong performance and its focus on innovation are the perfect fit for Smiths Interconnect’s long-term strategy and will provide our customers with a wider range of solutions encompassing multiple market segments”.

Reflex Photonics’ Datasheet


For further details contact:

Roberta Rebora, Marketing Communications Vice President, Smiths Interconnect

Tel: +39 010 60361, Email: [email protected]

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    Optical Fiber Cables

    Multimode fiber (50/125) is used and can be terminated in multiple styles (MT, MPO, etc.). Lengths of up to 300 m are offered.

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