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SpaceNXT™ Aurora Series

ESA Space Qualified Backplane Connector

The first COTS Plus 2mm Hard Metric backplane connector, tested and qualified to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications. The SpaceNXT™ Aurora connectors have gone through extensive qualification testing to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications in order to validate today’s rigorous application requirements per customer and industry.

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Features & Benefits

  • COTS Plus 2mm Hard Metric backplane connector
  • Tested and qualified to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications
  • Demonstrated readiness for Low Earth Orbit environment
  • 1.27μm (50 µin) coverage on contact mating surfaces offering greater resistance to fretting versus alternate plating materials
  • High reliable solution from an AS9100 certified supplier avoiding additional site audits
  • Available in 3 sizes: 55, 110 and 125 pin straight & right angle versions
  • Meets the mechanical footprint of Hard Metric specs


Today, products available on the market require expensive qualification testing which costs are fully absorbed by the customer. By introducing Aurora solutions to the LEO satellites space market, customers reduce their lead times, lower their cost of ownership, and increase their confidence that products will meet their specifications and needs.

The range is available in three sizes of 55, 110 and 125 contacts in industry standard gender configuration, in straight and right-angle configurations. SpaceNXT™ Aurora is offered with 1.27 micron gold plating for improved durability and resistance to fretting corrosion versus standard COTS Hard Metric connectors.

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