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ARINC 628 Connectors

Signal and Power Plastic Circular Connectors

ARINC 628 connectors feature hyperboloid contact technology and ensure immunity to shock and vibration, minimal contact resistance, high reliability and cost effectiveness.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 power (8 amps) and 2 signal (2 amps) contacts
  • Intuitive latching device
  • Up to 100,000 mating and un-mating cycles for receptacle
  • Quick disconnect push button release
  • Regulate power in loop circuit with first mate-last break contacts
  • Eliminates needs for multiple batteries
  • Featuring Hypertac technology
  • Industry standard
  • Optional 5 signal positions
  • Alignment provided by housing
  • Crimp contacts


Arinc 628 is a modular plastic circular connector series are designed for commercial aviation, medical and industrial markets. It comes in a modular design including 2 power (8 amps) and 2 signal (2 amps) contacts, and offers an intuitive latching device. Using the hyperboloid contact technology, the Arinc 628 series features low contact resistance while ensuring up to 100,000 mating and un-mating cycles for receptacle. The Arinc 628 series helps to regulate power in loop circuit with "first mate-last break" contacts designed for airline in-seat power applications as example.

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