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Stacking Solution for Z-AXIS Interconnections

HyperStac RX Series is a Z axis interconnection solution designed for all types of micro-electronics applications requiring reliable and compact packaging solutions. The Hyperstac RX Series meets the needs of the Defence, Avionics and Space electronics applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Z axis compliant interconnection solution for mezzanine packaging 
  • Configured to numerous footprint options
  • ESA qualified


Harshest Environments

The HyperStac Series is a Z axis compliant interconnection solution for mezzanine packaging designed for all types of micro-electronics applications requiring reliable and compact packaging solutions: interconnection of MCMs (MultiChip Module) to PCBs, MCM to MCM, PCB stacking, etc. It meets the needs of the military electronic market (missile computers, fighter aircrafts, UAVs, , etc), avionics (radars and digital control boxes, etc) and space market (launchers, satellites, space vehicles, etc).

Flexible Design

Thanks to its adaptable geometry, the HyperStac connector can be configured to numerous footprint options.  : MCM, square, rectangular, and is also available in strips of different sizes (30 contacts or more).

ESA Qualification

The HyperStac connector has already been used successfully in several space programs such as the Pleiade observation satellites and the Inmarsat telecommunication satellites. In addition to its very compact size, 1.905mm pitch and contact height of 7.8mm, and its easy connection, the HyperStac ensures a full continuity of contact even in the harshest environments. The connector is fully ESA qualified after passing the most stringent of all tests which reproduces the maximal vibration conditions during take-off of rockets.

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