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KMC Series

High Density PCB Connectors

KMC Series includes high-density board to board and board to wire interconnect solutions available in multiple configurations from 26 to 162 positions with a 0.5mm contact diameter and is widely used in harsh environments. Space grade/ESA/ESCC qualified are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • High density interconnection, up to 162 ways
  • Termination styles: wire wrap, solder cup and through board solder
  • NF C-UTE C 93-424, ESA/ESCC3401/016 - 3401/017
  • Polarized guiding devices, 16 keys available
  • Fretting proof - endurance


KMC Series comes in 3 rows mixing signal, power, and coaxial contacts. Using the hyperboloid contact technology, the KMC series features with low contact resistance while ensuring more than 5000 mating cycles.

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    MDD Series

    The MDD is a metal shell connector available with a 100 and 200 signal contacts configuration. With a 0.5mm contact diameter, with straight, surface mount tail and 90° termination styles. The metal shell improves system reliability by ensuring high levels of shock and vibration and by eliminating contact fretting, hence reducing wear rates, and avoiding system failure and down-times.

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    CMD Series

    Four contact row, high density signal connector platform designed for high performance applications in harsh environments.

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    KA Series

    With more than 2,500 configurations, the KA Series provides design flexibility not available with other MIL-DTL-55302 connectors.

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