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Levan Elastomeric Contact Test Socket

High Bandwidth Test Socket for IC Testing

The Levan Elastomeric socket family is engineered specifically with precision. The elastomeric grid of Levan features conductive columns that guarantee accurate and consistent test results across a spectrum of devices. The conductive columns in the elastomeric grid ensure accurate and consistent test results for various devices. Its high bandwidth and low inductance capabilities render it electrically invisible to the test system, safeguarding against ball damage to Devices Under Test (DUT) and providing unmatched electrical and mechanical advantages. Levan elevates testing standards from engineering requirements to high-volume production, ensuring versatility and cost-effectiveness. It’s a great test solution for BGA, LGA, QFN and other variants.

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Features & Benefits

Product Features

  • Solution for BGA, LGA, QFN and other variants​
  • RF Bandwidth > 23-108 GHz @ -1dB IL  ​
  • Short signal path  ≤ 0.9 mm ​
  • Ability to do Impedance match signals  ​
  • Consistent stable contact resistance​
  • Low Inductance​
  • Optimized design based on test application  ​
  • Tri-Temp socket design to support -55 °C to +160 °C​
  • Designed for manual test, bench test, and HVM production test using the same socket 


  • Design adaptation to meet requirement ​
  • Electrically transparent signal ​
  • Matched Impedance​
  • Excellent DC performance ​
  • Application matching allows for increased yield and product life  ​
  • Cleaning is user-friendly and simple​
  • Precision-machined socket housing ensures robust mechanical performance  ​
  • Field repairable, easy replacement of Levan elastomer​
  • Match existing PCB socket footprint and test hardware lead to cost saving for customers​
  • Reduced delivery times over probe sockets


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