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Eclipta™ - ECL Series

Featuring Edge Card Technology

Eclipta's™ easy assembly and high density interconnect design make it ideal for use with mapping and ablation catheters, RF generators, home healthcare devices, value medical systems and many other disposable medical devices. Eclipta's™ edge card contact module, in the reusable connector body, is designed for high mating cycle life, providing reliable connection over the life of the reusable device.

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Features & Benefits

Edge Card Technology

  • Double-ended edge card contact design
  • Mates to pc board on the disposable connector side
  • US Patent # 8727795 B2

High Mating Cycle Life

  • Minimum 2,500 mating cycles
  • Increases Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of reusable side

PCB Connection

  • Fine pitch edge card contacts allow for smaller footprint in medical equipment
  • Finger-proof for patient & medical personnel safety, while eliminating bent pin damage
  • Effortless termination
  • Tolerates standard sterilization protocols: Autoclave, EtO, Sterrad®
  • Embedded electronics allows for greater design flexibility

Plug & Play Design

  • Minimized assembly time and inventory costs
  • Rugged plug mates either to disposable device or directly to the system
  • Embedded electronics allows for greater design flexibility

Quick, Intuitive Mating

  • Unique connector shape & available keying ensures correct mating in fast-paced medical environments
  • Simple push-button active latch prevents inadvertent unmating and provides audible feedback


Eclipta™ connector series addresses the industry's need for a reliable interconnect system with minimal cost. Eclipta™ medical connector incorporates an innovative, double-ended, edge card contact system featuring a PCB as the contact on the disposable connector side. This eliminates the cost of the contact system on that side. In addition, its plug and play design provides effortless termination and virtually eliminates the potential contact damage associated with the termination process. Additional benefits include mass termination of catheter wires directly to the PCB in the disposable and reusable sides, scalability, customization, and the possibility to be re-worked on the reusable side.

Documents & Literature

Case Study

Eclipta™ Connects Electrophysiology Catheter

A manufacturer of cutting edge medical devices was developing a new cardiac ablation system to treat heart arrhythmias. They required a highly reliable, but cost effective, interconnect between a single use catheter and a reusable cable that must be sterilized between patients, a total of 10 to 20 times. Though the catheter is used only once, the connectors must provide absolute dependability in light of the critical nature of the procedure. Additionally, since the disposable device cannot be reused on another patient, its overall cost is of particular consequence. The mating connector on the reusable cable is subjected to EtO, Sterrad®*, and/or multiple steam autoclave sterilizations, since that cable must traverse the sterile field boundary … yet it must also be cost effective since autoclaving can diminish the life of the cable, thus making it a ‘limited-use’ device. In addition, this cable must maintain its reliability while mating to multiple disposable catheters. And an added requirement was that the connectors must be intuitive and simple to use with gloved hands during the operation.

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