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HPD/HPF Series

Medium Density Signal PCB Connectors

The HPD/HPF PCB Connectors series is crafted with precision, integrating advanced Hypertac contact technology for dependable connectivity. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 insertion/extraction cycles, these connectors ensure consistent performance in challenging environments. They feature optimized power efficiency and strong high-current handling capabilities, enhancing system efficiency while maintaining reliability. Engineered to withstand tough conditions, these connectors offer robust connectivity solutions across various applications, promoting seamless operation, productivity, and long-term dependability for your systems.

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Features & Benefits

The 3-dimensional symmetry of the Hypertac contact technology design guarantees electrical continuity in all circumstances. This technology ensures durability with up to 100,000 insertion/extraction cycles.

  • Low insertion/extraction forces
  • Long contact life - perform up to 100,000 insertion/extraction cycles with minimal degradation in performance
  • Lower contact resistance
  • Higher current ratings
  • Immunity to shock & vibration

HPD/HPF Connectors Series offer a wide range of termination and guide styles. Download the brochure to read the ‘Preferred Options’ list.

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